Nicole & Mark Pre Wedding Shoot

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Nicole & Mark on Monday in Birmingham , Staffordshire where we took our Pre Shoot adventure of onto a whole new scale and discovered something new for Sally Ashworth Photography!

Being a Staffordshire Wedding Photographer and surrounded by beautiful countryside landscapes you take full advantage of the present view that is available and is a photographers dream to have it on your doorstep, but we wanted to mix things up a bit. With Nicole and Mark having their love for retro coffee shops we decided to head to the City of Birmingham, Staffordshire where there are some real historical buildings to make fantastic images.

With Yorks Cafe being right in the centre of Birmingham it was the perfect location for their pre wedding shoot.

Nicole & Mark , based in Staffordshire have been childhood sweethearts since the age of 14 so this pre wedding shoot was extra special as their love for one another was easy to capture. Full of love and laughs Mark knew exactly what to say to Nic to make her smile and feel comfortable.

Smoke bombs isn’t usually something I do on a pre wedding shoot because of the special affect it has on the Wedding Day, but with Nic & Mark getting married abroad in September , we could not take them with us so we took full advantage of doing them in this country, which can I just say, they absolutely smashed this shoot!

I cannot wait to photograph their incredible Wedding Day in Turkey in September , they have some amazing plans for their day and I know Nic will look incredible. Thank you so much for choosing Sally Ashworth Photography to capture your Wedding Day, I cannot wait!