about me

hi! i’m sally…

Firstly, I am a true believer in going on an adventure and chasing dreams. I believe that if you’re on an adventure your dreams are capable of becoming reality and you can create the most priceless memories.


I have a huge amount of love for life and some things in particular I definitely have more love for than other things:


Cosy rain, chucking on your wellies with a flask of English tea, country kind of walks. My (parents) beautiful dogs Alfie and Lulu and my future miniature daschund named Winston. Spring, Autumn and Christmas Magic. Baking lemon cakes and eating them. Buying and being in my pyjamas with thick cosy jumpers cuddled under a blanket watching a film. Family and friends (in real life and TV series!). Rustic and wild blush pink flowers. Pretty details. Candle lit moments and a tummy turning kind of love.


So all this put together, my perfect wedding would be in the location of some sort of woodlands, with candle lights everywhere and wild flowers, family and friends all around, endless amount of cake, lots of paw prints and a Jack and Rose (Titanic) kind of love!

I found the love of wedding photography when I was at an age to really understand the meaning behind them. I immediately encountered the amount of love and laughs that people would share in a day, the amount of families that get together and share moments of laughter, and share memories which will never be forgotten. Most importantly, the such intimate moments a couple share on their day, and how they both made those unbreakable vows to spend the rest of their lives together… I knew there and then what an honour it would be to capture these such special moments for people to never be forgotten.


I LOVE telling people about my job and how I get to capture such beautiful memories from a wedding day. Being able to look back on every moment of your wedding day is priceless. Being based in Staffordshire, I have had the pleasure of photographing some beautiful weddings and venues, but please don’t be shy about asking me to travel a little further afield as we will be on this journey together!


So, let’s go and make some memories!